White Label
Crypto OTC
Trading platform

Launch your own crypto Over-the-Counter exchange platform and unlock a new revenue stream for your business in just 2 months

Who can benefit From Our OTC Solution ?

Crypto platforms

Expand your services with our OTC crypto exchange solution, empowering you to launch a crypto business effortlessly. We provide the tools, top-notch technical support, legal assistance, and unlimited liquidity, simplifying your entry into new revenue streams

Crypto Influencers

Monetize your existing audience and capitalize on demand for crypto OTC platforms with our crypto white label solution. Take advantage of your influence to offer valuable crypto services and boost your earnings


Launch your own simple crypto exchange quickly and effortlessly with our OTC platform. No extensive development or technical expertise required. Our ready-to-go solution provides everything you need to enter the crypto market

Fintech companies

Enhance your business and meet the growing demand for digital assets with our Simplified OTC crypto exchange development solution. Seamlessly integrate crypto services into your existing framework, offering your customers a comprehensive and customizable solution

What will you get with our
White Label
crypto solution?

Simplify Labs offers a fully customizable crypto OTC trading platform built on modern multiservice architecture ready to scale and evolve with your business

Turnkey solution

Get started quickly with our White Label crypto exchange platform, leveraging our ready-to-use infrastructure to launch your crypto exchange platform efficiently

Unlimited liquidity

Leverage the advantage of unlimited liquidity provided through our API right to your crypto exchange, ensuring a seamless trading experience for your users, irrespective of the order size


Rest assured about your exchange's security as the enhanced Security & AML checks on our white label crypto trading platform, powered by our partnership with Chainalysis, protects you from dark transactions

Visa & MasterCard support

Boost user convenience with our Visa & MasterCard support, enabling easy account funding and crypto transactions, thereby expanding your user base and facilitating seamless operations


Customize and establish your unique brand identity, allowing you to tailor the crypto platform's design elements, colours, and logo to reflect your brand's image and enhance brand recognition

Web and Mobile Interfaces

Provide your users with a seamless and intuitive trading experience on various devices, including iOS and Android mobile devices, as well as computers and laptops

Telegram Bot

Enhance user engagement and accessibility by including a Telegram bot as an additional option for your crypto exchange platform

Personal Manager

Receive dedicated support and guidance from a personal manager assigned to assist you throughout the setup and operation of your OTC crypto exchange

What makes our
products special

Trust and reliability are at the core of our crypto white label offerings. With validation from renowned industry partners, stringent regulatory compliance, full MiCA readiness, and top-notch certifications, our products stand out for their excellence and credibility. Our wealth of experience in licence acquisition enables us to provide our clients with full legal support in acquiring their OTC crypto exchange licences irrespective of the jurisdiction.

What’s Inside ?

Unlock a world of possibilities and harness the full potential of your business with our feature-rich White Label solution. Empower your clients to manage their digital assets conveniently, safely, and efficiently while boosting your revenue streams.

User-Friendly Interface

Our cryptocurrency trading platform white label offers a multilingual and user-friendly interface, supporting over 10 languages. This ensures seamless interaction for clients worldwide, regardless of their language preferences

Ultra-Fast Engines

Our OTC crypto exchange software uses Ultra-Fast Core engines that excel under pressure even at peak trading periods, demonstrating exceptional resilience and performance

Cryptocurrency Wallets

The platform enables your clients to conveniently replenish and withdraw funds, securely store their cryptocurrencies, and independently manage their digital assets

Crypto operations via Visa/MasterCard

Simplify deposits, purchases and withdrawals through Visa/MasterCard bank cards, making it easier for users to enter the cryptocurrency market

AML check

We establish a comprehensive tracking wallet system, keeping you informed about any unauthorized actions or financial crimes that may occur

Crypto-Fiat Conversion

Generate instant and secure exchanges between fiat and cryptocurrencies, providing a seamless transition between different digital and traditional currencies


The platform simplifies security by implementing features such as 2FA setup and password change protocols. A Whitelist function is also available, allowing you to include verified users and enhance safety measures

Referral Program

Using a referral program, you can attract new customers and increase sales, as well as provide incentives and rewards to users, allowing them to earn additional income

Calculate your monthly income with our product

How it works


Implement marketing and user acquisition strategies to drive traffic and encourage users to join your OTC crypto exchange platform


Foster a vibrant trading environment to increase the volume of cryptocurrency exchanges on your platform, engaging users and generating transaction fees


Set a commission fee structure for each transaction conducted on your OTC platform and get monthly income


Implement marketing and user acquisition strategies to drive traffic and encourage users to join your OTC crypto exchange platform


Foster a vibrant trading environment to increase the volume of cryptocurrency exchanges on your platform, engaging users and generating transaction fees


Set a commission fee structure for each transaction conducted on your OTC platform and get monthly income

Money calculator

Your audience:


Prcentage of audience engaged


Commission fee:

Your monthly income:

+€21000 Per month

An amount of 300€ is considered for a one transaction during the calculation

Our Customers

Moneta IN

Working with SimplifyLabs to build our MONETA IN OTC crypto exchange platform has been an exhilarating journey. Their White Label solution allowed us to bring our vision to life quickly and efficiently. The support for multiple fiat currencies and seamless integration with Visa and MasterCard were game-changers, giving our users the ability to buy cryptocurrencies directly with their cards. With a wide range of crypto pairs and strong liquidity, we've provided our users with freedom and flexibility


Partnering with SimplifyLabs transformed our experience at FLYPAY. Their turnkey platform provided essential features like continuous liquidity and spot trading capabilities. However, their guidance was the real game changer. They simplified the legal aspects for us and walked us through regulatory hurdles, helping us secure our licence and ensuring compliance with KYC and AML norms. This saved us time and resources, and gave us a competitive edge


Have a

Simplify Labs White Label solution is fully licensed, and we guide our clients through the licensing process, leveraging our extensive experience to ensure compliance with all necessary regulations.

Absolutely. Our White Label solution comes with a Liquidity Hub, ensuring your exchange maintains high liquidity, which is crucial for seamless trading experiences.

By leveraging the SimplifyLabs White Label solution, you can quickly launch a crypto OTC trading platform, providing a new service to your existing customers and attracting new users. This expansion can lead to increased trading volumes and, consequently, a new stream of commission-based revenue.

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