Simplify Your Blockchain Journey with SimplifyLabs

Launch into the cryptocurrency space with our simplified White Label solutions. Build your own exchange, OTC trading platform, or Telegram crypto bot in a matter of days, powered by our robust Liquidity Hub. Enjoy comprehensive support and swift market entry, laying the foundation for your sustainable success.

Why Choose Our Simplified
White Label

Reduced Time and Cost

By using our ready-made solutions, you can expedite your market entry by up to five times compared to starting from scratch. This will save you significant money you would have spent on development costs.

Expertise Access

Benefit from our team's profound expertise in the blockchain and crypto industry, gained through launching and operating our partner exchanges.

Legal Assistance

Our dedicated legal team, in collaboration with trusted partners, is at the forefront of regulatory trends and is prepared to simplify the process and assist you in obtaining licences across various jurisdictions.

Consistent ROI

Our simple monetization model allows you to set your commission fees, enabling precise revenue forecasting and optimal return on investment (ROI).

Solid Tech Foundation

With SimplifyLabs, you align with trust, reliability, and certified excellence. ISO, MFSA, Kyte Global, Onfido, and others continuously validate our technological framework.

What we offer?

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What we offer?

White Label Crypto Exchange

Unlock the potential of a fully-equipped, ready-to-use crypto-fiat exchange tailored to your needs. SimplifyLabs provides easy KYC procedures, custom partner programs, integrated cryptocurrency wallets, and simplified transactions with Visa/MasterCard.

White Label Crypto OTC Trading Platform

Venture into the lucrative world of OTC crypto trading with SimplifyLabs. Our platform offers a fast, secure, and customizable solution, ready to go live in just two months. Benefit from unlimited liquidity, robust security, and Visa & MasterCard support.

White Label Telegram Crypto Bot

Jumpstart your crypto journey with our simple and easy-to-launch Telegram bot, ready in three days. Enhance customer trust with a personalized, branded bot and serve global clients with a multilingual, user-friendly interface. Mitigate risks with built-in AML checks and control transaction fees easily.

Liquidity hub

Experience improved liquidity, increased trade turnover, seamless transaction overlaps, and access to diverse markets. With our advanced matching engine, handling millions of operations per second, trades are executed swiftly and efficiently.

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